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Columns Published by Clients of Anton Communications

Anton Communications encourages its clients to author articles for magazines that reach their target audiences to promote their business. We assist clients to identify receptive publications, develop a story idea, pitch that idea to editors and write the story once it is assigned. Below are the most recent client columns that have been published.


Publication Name Headline Date Client Name
Builder News Partnerships: The secret to longevity 02/2010 Greencrossing Real Estate Companies
Sustainable Land Development Today Where Are We One Year Later? 10/26/2009 Greencrossing Real Estate Companies
Real Estate Finance Journal Look Who's Flying With The Vulture Funds 03/2009 American Dream Development
Multi-Housing News Weathering the Capital Crunch: A New Approach to Interim Financing of Commercial Real Estate Projects 02/25/2009 American Dream Development
Builder & Developer Magazine Caution: Replanning Ahead 02/2009 Developers Research
Orange County Register He gives a crash course in real estate to lenders, trustees 11/20/2008 R.E. Peters Company
Builder & Developer Magazine Review Your Profitability Now 06/2008 Developers Research
Orange County Register John Lansner on Real Estate 05/24/2008 Foremost Communities
American Banker: Viewpoint Alternatives for Lenders Stuck with Real Estate 05/23/2008 Developers Research
CA Real Estate Journal 12 Things You Should Know Before You Sell 04/21/2008 Developers Research
Scotman's Guide 03/31/2008 Hoffman Company
Scotsman's Guide Lock Up Development Financing 03/2008 Developers Research
CA Mortgage Press Plummeting Land Prices Mean More Affordable Homes 02/01/2008 Hoffman Company
Big Builder Magazine Financial Frontline: Know When to Hold or Fold 02/08/2008 Developers Research
The Real Estate Finance Journal Keys to Increaseing Land Residual Value in a Market Donwturn 02/2008 Developers Research
OC Register 11/29/2007 Hoffman Company
Broker Universe 11/15/2007 Hoffman Company
Orange County Register Land Speculators See Eventual Bull Market fir Housing 07/18/2007 Foremost Communities

Your top executives can become expert sources for the media and write articles published by top industry trade publications to build your business. Anton Communications can help you develop a story idea, pitch it to editors and even write the article.


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