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"... astute, thoughtful and strategic... in other words, she gets it."
"It is refreshing to work with such a consummate professional."
"... helped define a vision for our business in California."
"... knows how to listen and get the most out of the media."
"Your advice and counsel has been insightful and your work product of the highest quality."
"Your connections and relationships in the building industry are fabulous."
"Timely and precise...creative and insightful...very easy to work with throughout."
"You get results...That's what it's all about."
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Client Testimonials

“Genevieve is astute, thoughtful, and strategic – in other words, she gets it."
Larry Thomas, Senior Vice President, The Irvine Company

“Genevieve is extremely responsive and effective. I was surprised by the amount and quality of the media coverage she was able to generate for my start-up business. I still get new business calls from people who read one of the many news articles she generated on my venture, including one in Fortune magazine.”
Steve Cameron, President, Foremost Communities, Inc.

“Since 2012, Genevieve Anton and her team at Anton Communications have been our valued partners in elevating the presence of Presidio in real estate capital markets throughout the Western United States. We entrusted them with the development of a new company website, pro-active management of media relations/coverage, as well as full control of all social media platforms. The Anton team has leveraged the power of the internet to expand our reach beyond previously traditional sources and continues to assist us and our joint venture partners in promoting Presidio's for-sale residential communities. Genevieve Anton and her team are the consummate professionals - a respected sounding board for our executive team on issues including communications, reputation and business strategy.”
Don Faye, Co-Principal of Presidio Residential Capital

“Having worked with Genevieve and her team of professionals at Anton Communications while at Wood Partners, I had been well aware of their capabilities. As I chose to establish my own firm, I could think of no better 'GO TO' group than them. As we worked diligently to establish the brand, logo, and identity of Sanctuary Residential, Genevieve and her team brought to the forefront many ideas and concepts that I would never have imagined. This team of professionals is by far the best in the business and I am grateful and honored to be a part of the numerous organizations that rely on them to launch, develop, and grow. At Sanctuary Residential, we have the joy of having various organizations as strategic partners (and hope for many more), but can honestly say that Anton Communications was our first and is, by far, our most valued partner. We are proud to be part of their family.”
Bernard Felder, President and CEO, Sanctuary Residential

“Genevieve Anton of Anton Communications has played an instrumental role in providing Sycamore Urban with strategic media outreach and fine tuning of company web based materials. Her team created for us that "next level" of exposure for our company that has directly lead to numerous new assets and financial relationships to pursue. She is a true professional and has a grasp of both the technical aspects of PR, but also the human side - great relationships with the media!!”
Mitchell Bradford, President, Sycamore Urban Partners

“Anton Communications has done a tremendous job by helping us get our company name out and gain national exposure in the real estate and financial world. They helped us hone and deliver a consistent message about our company’s experience and capabilities and we are seeing the rewards of this effort today.”
Jason Perrin, Principal, Greencrossing Real Estate Companies

“The team at Anton Communications is a diverse crew of acute listeners. Their talents naturally extend to the other requisite areas – artistic design, technical expertise, professional network, etc. – but Anton has a unique ability to perceive the nuances of a firm’s culture and deliver a product that enhances that image in the public realm.”
Nathan McElmurry, Partner, Wind River Group

“When I founded R.E. Peters Company, one of my first tasks was to hire a strong, well-connected and honest Public Relations Company. Hiring Anton Communications was the key to the start up and presentation of my new company to the real estate and financial business community I am targeting. As I worked with Genevieve Anton directly, her highly respected relationships and connections helped to promote my firm through articles in regional newspapers, national magazines, and industry publications. The well thought out and professional web site that Anton Communications keenly designed brought instant credibility to my company. Through this kind of exposure R.E. Peters Company has been contacted by persons seeking our expertise that otherwise might not have heard about us or been able to find us. I highly recommend Genevieve to help launch your new business - or to brand and reposition your existing one.”
Rick Peters, President, R.E. Peters Company

“The mortgage industry deals with complex issues, but Genevieve quickly grasps the essence of what we’re doing and delivers our message to brokers and bankers with an authoritative and persuasive writing style. She’s strategic, creative and gets results. That’s what it’s all about.”
David A. Stark, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Argent Mortgage Company

“As a relatively new company, the experience of hiring a public relations specialist was a bit exhausting. Having only worked with PR firms in the capacity of a major builder, it was quiet a different experience to make such a large commitment with a relatively small expansion-model business. Genevieve has made it all worth while. She has been the driving force in achieving major national attention for our business and our partners. She is truly amazing."
Jeffrey M Burton, President, American Dream Development

“Genevieve has been a great asset to our company. Her experience, relationships and specialty in PR for the real estate development community have given us unparalleled exposure to both existing and future clients. Simply put, she is an expert in her field and gets fantastic results!”
Justin Esayian, The Hoffman Company

“Anton Communications has been an integral component in our attempt to obtain the necessary entitlements for our project. They have been timely and precise in their responses, creative and insightful in the design and implementation of the program and very easy to work with throughout.”
Skip Raymond, President, Raymond Wesley financial advising firm

“Your connections and relationships in the building industry are fabulous. I genuinely appreciate your continued guidance and initiative to build our company’s professional reputation.”
LeeAnne Edwards, former General Manager of Sycamore Creek for Starfield Investors LLC

“It is refreshing to work with such a consummate professional.”
J.D. Shafer, General Manager, Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort

"Genevieve helped our company define a vision for our business in California and then developed messages and materials so that we could communicate that vision effectively."
Frank B. Middleton, Director, Wood Partners

"In today's "15 minutes of fame" world - everyone needs to be conscious of the image the rest of the world sees. Genevieve has an astute grasp of the PR world. Her meticulous planning and foresight are perfect for putting people in the right spot at the right time - to be seen by the right person. Intimately connected throughout the industry - there is not better choice to help get your message - whatever it may be - to the public."
Brandon Clements, Land Acquisition Manager, Toll Brothers Inc

"Developers Research has utilized Anton Communications since 2007 and we've had tremendous news coverage and recognition during that time. Genevieve is a delight to work with, yet she is a powerful woman is the business world. We are so grateful for all the 'earned' media that we received thanks to her."
Barry Gross, President, Developers Research

"Genevieve is a gifted writer who provides strategic, thoughtful communications counsel. She has terrific interpersonal skills that enable her to work well with everyone from senior executives to community activists. Her breadth of knowledge and experience are exceeded only by her passion to provide exceptional communications counsel to her clients."
John Christensen, Vice President, Media Relations, The Irvine Company

"Genevieve knows how to listen to clients and get the most out of the media. Her relationships with local and national business media have gotten us more press than we ever imagined, and she leveraged that coverage to create unbelievably successful results in a short period of time."
Jo Faris, President, Fieldstone Homes Southern California

"From corporate image design, brochure, web, and photo sessions to PR campaigns, Anton Communications handles it all. And yes, consistent with level of excellence we expect. Whenever you see Land Co. in a publication, it is most likely Anton COM munitions that masterminded the strategic marketing campaign."
Billy Chen, President, Land Co. Development Resources

"Genevieve paints with words to create impressions that are both meaningful and accurate. She is able to articulate the nuances of complex ideas and weave them into a clear scintillating image. Getting to know Genevieve and working with her has been fascinating and fun."
Cynthia Britain, Professional Artist, Laguna Beach, California

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