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News Releases About Clients of Anton Communications 2008

When our clients have news to announce, Anton Communications takes the information, crafts a compelling news release, distributes it to the media and follows up to encourage publication. Below are the most recent news releases about our clients.

Client Headline Date
Edward Nolan Financial Executive Edward Nolan Leaves Suncal Companies 11/18/2008
R.E. Peters Company 01/01/2009
Foremost Communities 11/07/2008
Developers Research 01/28/2008
The Hoffman Company The Hoffman Company Announces Major Land Deal of $30 Million in Oceanside TO MOVE Mixed-Use PROJECT FORWARD 10/24/2008
The Deal Broker: The Hoffman Company Making Major Land Sales in All Corners of Southern California
Former NFL Quarterback Scott Covington Joins The Huddle at the Hoffman Company of Orange County
Land Prices Plummet in Southern California During 4th Quarter of 2007
Land Prices Plummet in Inland Empire During 4th Quarter of 2007
American Dream Development 07/02/2008
  American Dream of Owning Home Comes True for Army Sergeant at Fort Riley, Kansas 08/2007
Strategic Land Advisors Barry Gross, Principal of Strategic Land Advisors, to Speak at Land Development Conference in Las Vegas 10/01/2008

Barry Gross, Principal of Strategic Land Advisors, to Speak at Premier Real Estate Investment Forum in New York City

Strategic Storage Trust 12/24/2008
Strategic Storage Trust, Inc. Presentation is Headline Attraction at Self-Storage Symposium for Financial Advisors
Boyer & Associates, Inc. 04/25/2008
Land Co Development Resources Inc. Entrepreneur Billy Chen Creates a Virtual Consulting Firm Powered by Former Senior-Level Homebuilding Executives 09/08/2008
  Entrepreneur Billy Chen creates a consulting firm that is the first of its kind to emerge in real estate crunch 08/08/2008
Cynthia Britain Studios Serenity: Art Show Features Britain 08/02/2008
In Print and On Display: Britain's Artwork

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