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Builder News Magazine: One Word – Flexibility

May 1st, 2011

  One Word – Flexibility By Dave Barisic, Vice President Brandywine Homes   Flexibility is a concept not often associated with the business of homebuilding.  By nature, the process of acquiring land, entitling it for development, constructing, building and selling … read more

Building & Construction Northeast: Building Green – The Wave of the Future

September 26th, 2010

Building Green – The Wave of the Future By Adelaide Grady Development Associate Wood Partners – Boston office   Implementing change in the apartment development business is a tall order.  Contractors introducing new techniques or materials fear costly delays, call … read more

Real Estate Finance Journal: Unraveling the Mystery of Raw Land

September 9th, 2008

UNRAVELING THE MYSTERY OF RAW LAND EXPOSES ITS VALUE David McSwain, The Hoffman Company   Of all the types of real estate collecting in bank portfolios as a result of the current housing meltdown, none has given foreclosing lenders bigger … read more

Big Builder: Survival Guide for Landholders

June 9th, 2008

SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR LANDHOLDERS: 10 KEYS TO SUCCESS  By Tom Dallape Principal of The Hoffman Company                   When the nation’s real-estate market began to hit rough weather in early 2006, owners of large land parcels were slowly transformed from captains … read more

Bank Technology News: Computing Real Estate Value

March 10th, 2008

Computing Real Estate Value By Barry Gross and Martin Kulli   With the housing market in decline, and financial institutions tighter now about where to put their money, developers are often shaky about how to bring about the best value … read more

The Mortgage Press: Plummeting Land Prices Mean More Affordable Homes

December 31st, 2007

Plummeting Land Prices Mean More Affordable Homes Justin Esayian,  The Hoffman Company   Land prices have plunged as low as 50 percent in some areas ofSouthern Californiato reach levels not seen since 2002, according to a recent report released by … read more

Insurers Taking a Hard Line on Coverage

November 27th, 0201

RECENT CASES CLARIFY WHEN INSUREDS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN COUNSEL AND CONTROL THEIR OWN DEFENSE The authors of this article discuss recent cases evaluating the duty of panel counsel to avoid conflicts of interest and the limits … read more

Unlicensed contractors: Know the Law

June 13th, 0201

California law restricting the right of unlicensed contractors to obtain payment does not apply to actions under the Miller Act.


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